Some funny Facebook conversations I’ve found :)

Aside from all the seriousness of this blog I thought I’d share some hilarious Facebook conversations I found online (nope, none of them are featuring me!).








Keeping your account safe from FB account hackers

FB account hackers are getting smarter and smarter

In case you’ve been paying attention to the news lately you undoubtedly realize that most hackers are trying to hack into Facebook accounts currently.

Facebook account hacker

A lot of programs exists that can hack Facebook account

Having approximately a billion users world-wide, the Facebook community in particular presents online criminals an enormous chance of scamming their way to obtaining accounts belonging to other people.

Cyber criminals are constantly getting cleverer and finding unique ways to exploit websites. A prime example is However the following article talks about a few practical pointers which will keep your account protected right now.


For starters, never ever answer to a post on your wall or even in your news feed prompting you to click a hyperlink to validate your account or give your login email. Facebook won’t ask for this type of details in a public post. As soon as you’re logged in to your account they will under no circumstances ask you to validate your password. Why would they need to? You are already signed in therefore you clearly know it, and in case you can’t log on because you forgot it there is a simple to follow, yet secure method of resetting it.

Facebook Apps

Facebook app

Only grant access to apps you truly know

Next to bear in mind is that often you’ll want to be careful when giving access to Facebook apps. Indeed there are plenty of fantastic applications on Facebook and there’s no reason not to use them. Nonetheless try to be cautious when adding apps that you are not familiar with. A good thing to do is to stick to the apps from the most known providers such as Zynga and many others. If you really need to install an unfamiliar application then be absolutely sure you don’t give permission to vital functions like posting on your wall.

Furthermore, when receiving e-mail messages from Facebook remember to be extremely watchful in case url’s are within the emails. Do not forget that Facebook hardly ever will ask you to click hyperlinks directly embedded in an e-mail. It is often better to sign in to Facebook to read notifications instead of through emails. Keep in mind that email messages can be faked so you shouldn’t trust the email sender regardless of whom the message seems to be from.

Don’t visit unknown URL’s

When you see urls on your friends profile pages then you need to be extremely cautious about visiting them. Most of the time the url’s are safe but there is however the possibility that your contacts account got hacked. The first thing the hacker will do is then to spread his KEYWORD to the contacts of the compromised account in order to wreak even more havoc.Needless to say you must not have to have your friends confirm each update they make. Mainly get them to verify that the status update originated from them if you feel the post is suspicious or seems like something they wouldn’t normally post. If you find out that your contact truly got compromised then be sure to tell them to switch the password of their account as soon as possible.

Keep track of your timeline

Also, keep track of your individual Timeline. The majority of items which is displayed there were caused by you. If you find an item on the Timeline that doesn’t look appropriate, send a message to the individual that apparently sent it after which you can delete the item.

Only accept people you know

Random friend request

Do you really know the person?

And lastly, be careful about accepting friend requests from persons you do not know. While there are legitimate reasons behind accepting friend requests from strangers sometimes (common hobbies and interests, people from back home, and so forth.), those requests should be given extra degree of scrutiny prior to being accepted. Read on for some things to be cautious about:

3 points to keep in mind

1. Just how old is the Facebook profile? In case it appears to be made in the past 7-day period or so, We‘d suggest rejecting the friend request unless it originated from someone you know personally.2 – Have a look at the images of the Fb account. Do they seem like the pictures of your Fb contacts or does the person appear like a model? Maybe the pictures look a touch too perfect and unlike a regular self taken image.

3. It is possible to view the wall posts of the FB account as well. What kind of posts is the profile sharing? Is he marketing products or putting up loads of websites? If that’s the case then be extremely careful if you end up accepting him as a friend.

With a little luck this should help you staying protected on Facebook.

Finally here’s a video for all you visual learners 🙂

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